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Hannah Broadway - Grandfather (credits a
PLAY Anthology

Over 190 pages, over 150 poems, over 100 poets.

Dimensions: 210mm square

Play is such an essential activity for all ages, it's amazing there has never been an anthology of poems on the subject before. PLAY is a large collection of poems on all aspects of fun activities, from hopscotch to cricket and shadow puppets to computer games.

The book brings together poems in response to an open call, with those from a number of invited poets, all of whom have given their work freely, due to the reason for its creation.

The book was compiled to raise funds for a new play space in the town of Totnes in Devon, UK. This is in memorial of the editors' grandson, Reuben, who was killed in a car crash in December 2017. All money from sales of the anthology, after print costs, will go to the play space project, with no profit coming to Paper Dart Press.

Price: £10 per copy or, if you are a successful contributor, £5. Postage and packing is added in either case.

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